Do You Sometimes Order Takeout From Fine Dining Restaurants?

About a year ago, an out of town guest and I went to the oh chi-chi Bluehour.

Not to sit down and eat, mind you, but to pick up an order.

We took this order to Washington Park and had a picnic.

I’m wondering how common this practice is here in PDX, especially considering that we’re seeing more fine-dining takeout nationwide.

Yesterday’s USAToday ran an article about a national trend: take-out orders from fancy restaurants.

Premise of the piece: fancy eateries used to look down on this type of service, but with swamped-for-time folks who love to eat well and don’t have the time to either cook or spend two hours in a fine restaurant- you get the idea.

“Restaurants used to be where folks went to sit and eat. But in a nation whose citizens are increasingly too busy, too impatient and perhaps even too lazy to sit down and eat a meal out,” writes article author Bruce Horovitz, “more restaurants than ever are evolving into something few could have predicted even two decades ago: packaged-goods emporiums.

“America not only has become a takeout nation, it’s increasingly picky about what it brings home,” he adds.”Takeout lunch or dinner no longer is limited to the neighborhood McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, the supermarket deli or the prepared-food section of an upscale grocer such as Whole Foods. Now, in a trend that’s reshaping the $537 billion restaurant industry, consumers are demanding takeout from casual and even fine-dining eateries.

Now comes time for the local angle.

Portlanders, do you sometimes order food to go from fine dining restaurants? if so, which ones? Do you get good service, sense a ‘tude, or sometimes both?

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  1. mike (unregistered) on June 14th, 2007 @ 2:33 pm

    Yesterday I went into Silk, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Pearl, and sheepishly asked for a to-go menu. The host had them photocopied up front and was entirely friendly about it.

  2. Joe (unregistered) on June 14th, 2007 @ 3:40 pm

    I used to order take out from fine dining establishments, but usually by-proxy: I was an avid consumer of the Delivered Dish service.

    I’ve never had any problem ordering take-out. It seems to me that many places are happy for your business even if you aren’t sticking around. Tipping whomever is helping you doesn’t hurt, either (even if it’s under 15% because they’re not “serving” you for the duration of the meal, the gesture still pays dividends). The exception is when there is nowhere to wait for your food and you end up standing around in everybody’s way; that’s always a bit awkward.

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