B5 Biodiesel at a station near you!

Can you smell it? Since the beginning of July, all diesel fuel sold in Portland must contain 5% Biodiesel. Granted, with only 5%, you are probably not going to smell the tell tale french fry when driving behind that full size pickup. We weren’t surprised by the change the last time we bought diesel for the car since we have interchanged diesel and biodiesel since we bought our car. The attendant did make a point to tell us the change though which I commend him for.
One thing to note. Before this change, B5, defines as 5% Biodiesel and 95% diesel sold for about 15% more than regular diesel. Since the change, advertised diesel fuel in the city hasn’t changed much in price. I am surprised the gas stations haven’t taken advantage of the ability to charge more. Oh crap, was that my outside voice?

Oh, and if you are a station owner, make sure you have the proper mix, as the city has hired Oregon’s Department of Agriculture to go and sniff around for the proper mix.

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