What Should You Know About Portland?

We received a question in the suggestion box that made me feel like I could be a bit of a cross between city guide and Dear Abby so with that I’m hooking all of you up with the sappiest of the sap; Question Cami.

In our first (and probably only) installment Crystal writes: Hi, my name is Crystal and in a few months my husband and I, Tank, will be moving to Portland. We have been doing our homework about the city for about a year now. It seems to totally fit us. I have just finished culinary school as a pastry chef and my husband is an up and coming tattoo artist. We live in Orlando, FL now, which we absolutely HATE! We lived in California for about a year and loved it, but it was way too expensive. Ever since I’ve had a bug to come back to the West. My husband will be working at a tattoo shop there in Portland, and we want to eventually open up our own bakery. I love how the people there support small businesses and are so artistic, that is totally us. If there is anything we should know about Portland, please tell us.

Dear Crystal:
It seems that here in Portland we always have enough room for more tattoos and good food. Won’t you tell me where you land your bakery and where Tank is working? Baked goods and tattoos are two things I love.

Now about Portland: There probably is a lot about Portland that a newcomer would want to learn. Lately though I think our highlights have been pretty well hit in countless magazine and online articles touting the supreme greatness of Portland. It’s mostly true but it sounds like you guys have already done enough research to know all that. The donuts, art, coffee, restaurants and beer are well documented all over the place.

What I think you should know is that Portland is what you make of it. It’s more than all the great places to eat, live music, abundant parks and it’s nearness to mountains, oceans, rivers and more camping than you can shake a stick at. It is a living breathing place in and of it’s self and I think that you get out of it as much as you put into it.

The biggest thing it is to me and so many others, Portland born and imports alike, is it’s home. Welcome.

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