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Meet pdxstump

Less is more. Simple is simply wonderful. Terse, actionable information.

This is the driving philosophy behind pdxstump, a Portland-centric search and information site.

I just came across it and I’m still getting lost in the details. In a world of broad search tools, pdxstump uses a tagged directory to find (and map!) locally relevant information.

There’s also a quick, but informative weather overview (try moving your mouse over some numbers) and a very thorough news aggregator.

Frank Black/Black Francis – Either Way It’ll Be a Great Show!

It’s that time again for the annual Frank Black show (although I guess he is now back to calling himself Black Francis again.) I suppose it’s not REALLY an annual event – but he tours so much – and the fact that he lives here in Oregon – we are lucky enough to have him come around just about every year. And this time around it’s a two-night two-set extravaganza!

Monday and Tuesday night at the Doug Fir, Black Francis will take the stage doing one set of his solo material and one set of Pixies songs. His solo stuff is hit and miss for me – some of it I really like, other stuff is a bit too…unfocused for me. But the Pixies set – that’s pure gold for me. Although I’ve seen him as solo performer many many times, I haven’t seen him solo since the Pixies reunion tour here a couple years back. In the pre-reunion days he very seldom played any Pixies material. I can understand that – he has a ton of solo stuff and that’s what he wants to do – but of course the crowd still loves it – as the huge success of those reunion shows proved. So I’m especially interested to see how he changes it up when he takes them on solo. Songs like “Gigantic” are almost surely out I suppose.

The Doug Fir
9 pm
Monday Oct. 1 & Tuesday Oct. 2
$20 in advance (although it’s nearly $25 with service fees)
$23 at the door

Pierogies and Beer!

You know that link over there that says “Suggest A Story”? Well regular commenter McAngrypants suggested we mention the Polish festival this weekend. I’ll let him describe it:

Two words…Pierogies and Beergarden mmmmmmmmm super kid friendly too.

Really, what more do you need to know? I suppose you are all interested in when and where and all that. Here you go, the address is 3900 N Interstate, and a schedule of events as well as all kinds of other info. Check it out!

I5-North into the ‘Couve Stopped

Breaking News!
(Can a get a cool graphic like on the local news?)

An accident on the bridge has all but stopped traffic into Vancouver and I can see the lineup of cars all the way back to the Marquam Bridge.

If you were planning on heading that way – I’d visit our friends at Unthirsty and find a spot to grab a drink instead

Calling Master Chief!

Metblog friend and former Aaron has fired up another blog, VanPortlander. He hipped me to one of the most awesome events I’ve seen in a long time: Halo 3 for Charity!

Scott Hanselman is diabetic and it comes up from time to time on his blog. He’s throwing a party (basically) at Cinetopia on October 11th, from 7 until midnight. From his site:

We’re doing this because Halo is fun and Diabetes sucks. We’re hoping to cancel them out. The event is being organized by Rich Claussen and fellow MSFTie Jason Mauer and myself.

You can get the rest of the scoop from Scott’s blog post about it.

Aaron said it too: I love Portland, and I especially love its rampant geekery. I secretly believe it’s why I have yet to be run out of town!

So really, how can you resist playing Halo 3 for a good cause? And since it’s not happening for a couple of weeks you’ll have time to perfect your Halo 3 technique. (:

Macy’s and Frank, finally reopening!

According to their press release and KATU, it’s looking like the Macy’s at Meier & Frank Square (the one downtown) which closed completely for the refurbishment will finally come out from underneath the scaffolding and dumpsters in about a month.

Now there are banners up, advertising the 26th and 27th of October as the grand reopening. There will be a fundraiser to kick it all off, and it looks like they actually did finish in time for the “new” to wear off so people can get Christmas shopping done.

Their press release states they have refurbished the Santaland Monorail, but they stated before that the monorail wouldn’t be operating when they came back, so I’m not sure what they mean, but at least they didn’t get rid of it.

Now if only they weren’t stuck in the middle of bus mall reconstruction so people could actually get there easily….

Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend

2007 stumptown comic fest

Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

The Stumptown Comics Fest is back. Yeah, you thought you missed it didn’t you. They changed the dates on us. I’m glad I know a comic book store owner who can remind me of these things. This year’s Fest is at the Doubletree hotel at Lloyd Center and is both Saturday and Sunday.

The Fest was born out of the need for Portland to have their own comic convention similar to other cities. Yet the organizers wanted to focus on the creators instead of the dealers. You will be able to buy most any comic there, but you will also have the chance to attend panel discussions and meet some comic creator heroes. I know someone in my household will be excited to see and maybe chat with Mike Allred, creator of “Madman” and “The Atomics” Oh, and there are so many others to see.

So, head on out for a couple of days of comic goodness that only Portland can offer. Pick up something local and discover that Portland is a thriving comic scene.

Stumptown Comics Fest
Sept. 29-30, 10am-6pm daily, $5
Doubletree Hotel, Lloyd Center

Woodcrafters of Portland see below

I follow the blog of a local woodworker because I am just so amazed at what people do with their hands. I grew up with a father who taught shop, so am not averse to creating things with wood, but I’m horrible with the details. When it comes to the little stuff, I throw my hands up in frustration. One think I did learn all those years of summer school is there are an amazing amount of exotic woods out there to play with. And the results are divine.

Over at Descending Ashtray, I was turned on to Urban Hardwood Recovery, a local shop that sells just that – urban hardwoods. The owner salvages and fells trees in the city (not rogue, but at owner’s requests) and then mills the wood down for use by woodworkers and the like. He works out of his house and has a wood kiln in the back. I was actually floored to discover it takes upwards of 6 months to dry out the wood for proper use. Wow. Not as long as wine, but still. He has some amazing wood varieties – White Oak, Oregon Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple Burl… the list goes on. Oh, and these aren’t 2x4s either. Most of the wood is in large thicknesses and lengths, upwards of 16ft. When I look at some of the wood in the pictures, it makes me want to ditch the day job and make furniture.

If you are a woodworker or just want to see some wood porn, check out both Descending Ashtray and Urban Hardwood Recovery.

MAX outage this weekend

6th street

Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

MAX downtown will not be running this weekend due to construction on SW 6th avenue by Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Portland Mall project is actually kicking off the outage with another milestone party on Friday night. See, they need to make the cross connections so the north/southbound tracks intersect with the east/westbound tracks. We had a similar weekend in July for the 5th street connections.

So, if you are heading downtown, give yourself some extra time and check out TriMet’s page for route suggestions.

The VC Will Get a New Home

As we all sadly learned at the beginning of the year, the Virgina Cafe is to be destroyed as part of some new office space downtown.

Today we hear that they have found a new place – just four blocks away – to relocate. And the best part…

“the goal is to close the current location at 5 p.m. Feb. 28 and open the new location a few minutes later, as soon as customers carry their barstools the four blocks between the two sites.”

I hope the OLCC will let ’em carry their drinks too.

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