Frank Black/Black Francis – Either Way It’ll Be a Great Show!

It’s that time again for the annual Frank Black show (although I guess he is now back to calling himself Black Francis again.) I suppose it’s not REALLY an annual event – but he tours so much – and the fact that he lives here in Oregon – we are lucky enough to have him come around just about every year. And this time around it’s a two-night two-set extravaganza!

Monday and Tuesday night at the Doug Fir, Black Francis will take the stage doing one set of his solo material and one set of Pixies songs. His solo stuff is hit and miss for me – some of it I really like, other stuff is a bit too…unfocused for me. But the Pixies set – that’s pure gold for me. Although I’ve seen him as solo performer many many times, I haven’t seen him solo since the Pixies reunion tour here a couple years back. In the pre-reunion days he very seldom played any Pixies material. I can understand that – he has a ton of solo stuff and that’s what he wants to do – but of course the crowd still loves it – as the huge success of those reunion shows proved. So I’m especially interested to see how he changes it up when he takes them on solo. Songs like “Gigantic” are almost surely out I suppose.

The Doug Fir
9 pm
Monday Oct. 1 & Tuesday Oct. 2
$20 in advance (although it’s nearly $25 with service fees)
$23 at the door

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  1. McAngryPants (unregistered) on October 1st, 2007 @ 8:37 am


    Whoa! FB lives in OR? Where? (looks under couch)

  2. divebarwife (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2007 @ 11:25 am

    McAngreyPants – sorry for the slow reply – but yeah – he lives in Eugene with the wife and baby.

    So the show was great – but it was not a double set with half solo/half Pixies as billed. About 90 minutes of solo stuff with 3-4 Pixies songs thrown in. (all very cool different arrangements!)

    We went on Tues. Did anyone go on Mon? Was it that same deal then?

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