Puffy Paint: Societal Menace!!

Sorry about the headline, but it’s still November for a few days yet and hat means sweeps! (:

I read about the requirements on the sale of spray paint and acid etching which are new as of 11/1. OK, that seems not TOO terribly bad. Oh wait, there’s a log too. Well normally I’d be nervous about picking up a rattle can for something and having my name, birthday, ODL# and signature on a sheet of paper at the register-you know, with identity theft being such a huge problem and all. But most identity thieves are stealing identities so they can scam some money and go get meth, right? So it’s not a big deal since you can’t get Sudafed anymore either and that TOTALLY solved the entire meth problem.

Then I went shopping this weekend.

At my day job I am a team lead, and at Christmas I like to do something small for each of my team members. This year I indulged my crafty side and bought mini tote bags to decorate. I found some fabric paint that would do the job nicely so I took my purchases up to the counter.

My normally brief transaction at Michael’s-she scans while I swipe my card, I sign while she bags it up, and off I go-was shot all to hell by the new law.

This bottle of green glitter PUFFY PAINT (the true 80’s children reading this just shuddered, I know-but flat fabric paint won’t work on the totes I got) weighs in at a whopping OUNCE of green and glitter. For this purchase my entire transaction screeches to a halt. I have to get out my ID, wait while the woman at the counter writes everything down on a sheet of paper stashed next to the register, then I have to sign it, then we can move on with our lives. Keep in mind this has to happen for EACH ITEM-If I’d bought a red glitter bottle too it would have been another bunch of stuff on the form.

To sum up, I am now a double threat: I am illegally obtaining meth Pseudoephedrine from the great state of Washington because I am partial to breathing, and now I am going to end up in a database somewhere because I bought an ounce of Holiday Green Glitter Puffy Paint which I will now ostensibly use to tag bus stops and buildings. An ounce at a time.

I am finding more and more examples lately where abiding by the law is becoming a MAJOR hassle because a few people have screwed it up for everybody else. Can’t we try just locking up paint and showing ID without having to write it all down? Much like The Last Days Of Sudafed, does it matter if I get two bottles of puffy paint at this Michaels and that Michaels and then go to JoAnns and get more? Does anyone care what it says on the sheets? If I did go tag in Holiday Green, how would you catch me? Hassling everyone who bought puffy paint in the last month? What happens to those sheets of information? Is there ANY compelling reason why filling out that stupid form is helpful?

I know Randy Leonard was behind this, and I know his intentions were good, and I appreciate what he is trying to do. A message to you Randy: “Regular” Michael’s customers are ladies who have enough free time to do something with the kind of stuff they sell at Michael’s. They are not a demographic I would want to anger. They’ll send you angry letters on fancy custom papers with stickers and stamped patterns around the outside. Lots and lots of letters. I suggest an amendment to make exceptions for 2oz or less, or something similar. It will save you LOTS of letters.

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  1. Smashing. (unregistered) on November 25th, 2007 @ 8:12 pm

    Most meth comes from Mexico via ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    Hope Randy can understand that…. forcing people to go to Washington does nothing. As for the spray paint and other misc stuff? Seriously, if you see some kids that look like they are up to no good just refuse to sell to them. Why punish everyone else just for wanting some art supplies? How about when they catch people spray painting they put them in jail for six months…. they do it again they can go to prison for a year.

  2. george (unregistered) on November 26th, 2007 @ 12:31 pm
  3. Cami (unregistered) on November 26th, 2007 @ 7:24 pm

    you mean I can’t stay off the grid if I want puffy paint?!!!


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