How was your company holiday party this year?

I’ve attended some dubious holiday parties over the years. There was the year of the tech industry layoffs, where we threw our own party in a dusty, musty rented space and needed to bring our own bottles of wine along. Or there were years when we just didn’t have a party. Last year? My current company tried to do the DYI thing – only it turned out that providing heat was something we apparently were also expected to do ourselves.

This year, our requirements were simple: 1. No more DYI, and 2. The place must be well-heated (throwing winter coats, scarves and hats over our holiday finery kind of took the fun out of the event last year, you see…) Since the party planning team started a bit late this year, we were resigned to taking what was left around town, and toting old phone books for kindling if needed.

But then I got an email from Toro Bravo, talking up the party facilities upstairs – the Secret Society Ballroom. We could either arrange for another caterer or have Toro Bravo (latest menu here) cater the food.

Really? We could get the new hot award-winning restaurant in town to provide the food for our holiday party? That’s a no-brainer decision right there – especially if you’re a Toro Bravo fan (I am.) So of course, I forwarded it along to the party planning committee and crossed my fingers, hoping we could squeeze ourselves in without breaking the party budget.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to get the space last Saturday night. Luckier still to have the owner on site (along with his staff) to make sure things ran smoothly. In fact, he informed me that in January, they’ll be opening up an upstairs bar in the space to help handle the overflow from Toro Bravo (they’re walking through the last few steps of the OLCC process right now, he says.) And everyone raved about the food, as expected.

But best of all? They also provided plenty of heat.

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  1. McAngryPants (unregistered) on December 19th, 2007 @ 7:37 am

    lucky lucky! My company canceled the party and opted for a “working brunch” (read: no booze and then back to work). suxor. The slow down in the housing market has hit us square in the face. ugh. So lame. On the up side, I’m crashing a law firm’s party tomorrow night and they always…repeat…ALWAYS have a full OPEN bar. I just gotta dress up in a suit and act like a client.

    Tis the season…to drink other lawyer’s booze!!

  2. Da5id (unregistered) on December 19th, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

    What is this thing you speak of “holiday party”?

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