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Spotted! – Mayor Tom Potter

Mayor Tom Potter

At a press event for Start!, a new campaign to get people to exercise. He is accompanied by OHSU president Joe Robertson. Check out those shoelaces!

-Video bonus after the jump!

Come for Slabtown – Stay for the Knights


As a musician in a gimmick band of my own, I’ve seen and played with some beauts. There’s Portland’s own Fist of Dishonor, a hugely entertaining band that brings an arena-sized spectacle to a small club near you. There’s the Klingon-metal band Stovokor (they’ve dissed us in the past, but I like ’em anyway). There’s Seattle’s Stay Tuned, a wonderfully hilarious send-up of 60s, 70s, and 80s television theme songs. I’ve had the joy of meeting the demented librarians from Bloodhag, who extol the virtues of reading through death metal, pausing only long enough to throw books into the audience. Bloodhag is signed to Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label, and their CD “Hell Bent for Letters” has some of the most hilariously wonderful artwork I’ve ever seen grace the cover of a music recording.

–end again

end againI’ve been posting on Metblogs for a few months now and I really love it. Granted, not every post has been Noble Prize winning material, but I’ve had fun. And as I reflect back on my career here at Metblogs, I can’t forget my first time. Sitting at my little red desk, my head in my hands, trying to work flickr and Moveable Type. But I had a message for the people of Portland.

I had a message and it came from –end. Or maybe just end. Here’s the post. Remember that? How much fun was that walk down memory lane? So much.

I was so pleased to find this message from –end in the parking lot for Jefferson’s Young Women’s Academy at Tubman, where Wacky Mommy has started a knitting circle. By the way, we’re taking donations of yarn and needles. There’s a basket at Naked Sheep for knitters who’d like to de-stash for a good cause. We’re also taking donations of knitters who want to knit with the girls. Contact Wacky Mommy if you’d like to spend an hour knitting with some exceptional young women.

Back to –end. This photos is a little tough to read as it was pouring rain and –end had written on a gray wall with yellow paint. It says: if basquiat hadn’t written on walls, there’d be no modern day brooklyn. — end. Basquiat! Oh, –end. How you win my heart.

Hey –end, if tagging N Portland were a presidential campaign, you’d be winning both parties. XOML

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! I Can Finally Feel My Toes!

Earlier tonight I attended the rally held by Basic Rights Oregon with Divebarwife and I don’t even know how many others (On the BRO site they had about 1500 RSVPs) as we stood together in the rain. It was great to see how many people were there in support of Basic Rights Oregon and the folks who got up to speak were all very passionate and well-spoken. It was REALLY cold but it was great to be surrounded by the love and the support in the park. A few times as the crowd was chanting or cheering you could hear the echo off the buildings around us and it was amazing how much noise we made!

Here’s the deal: There was a law passed so that Oregon could begin offering domestic partnerships to same sex couples. At the end of last year an anti-gay group from out of state showed up and filed a petition to halt it because somehow this was going to do irreparable harm to people in another state. Somehow a judge was convinced this was true and put a stop to the whole thing. More from BRO here.

Well Friday there is another hearing on this. From Amy’s post over at the Merc:

The hearing on the case itself is set for February 1, and it seems like it’ll be a showdown on what, exactly (or if any) is the relationship between voting and signing a petition. As Basic Rights Oregon’s attorney explained to reporters after the hearing, people who legitimately sign a petition aren’t ever guaranteed that their signature will count, as is expected with votes. The chief petition doesn’t even always turn in your signature, she pointed out.

On the way home tonight after the rally, DBW and I got to talking and she was telling me how surprised she was that so many people had NO idea this was even going on. So now you know! I’m betting The Merc will be liveblogging (right Amy?) and if not there will be updates as soon as someone can get them posted. Plus you can find more info from Basic Rights Oregon on the whole thing. So get informed and if it is important to you, take some action. It’s easy! If you need some suggestions I’ll be happy to give you some ideas for really quick and effective ways to get involved. In fact, whether you need them or not I’m going to try to compile a list for a future post.

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the feeling I just got back in my toes. SERIOUSLY it was cold!

Seen – early Valentines decorations


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

One has to admire the dedication this homeowner has to Valentine’s day. The whole place is decorated. I do remember them having a few holiday lights, yet nothing extravagant, so the whole heart theme surprises me. I would have never thought to decorate the house in a Valentine theme as Valentines always seemed to me a personal holiday. Way to go people!

Stand Up for Equality Today

  • Right to make health care decision for partner
  • Right to visit partner in hospital
  • Right to sue for wrongful death
  • Right to consent or refuse autopsy of partner’s body
  • Right to be buried in cemetery plot with partner
  • Right to make funeral arrangements for partner
  • Right to inherit deceased partner’s estate
  • Right to visit in long-term care facility
  • Automatic “authorized driver” on partner’s car rental
  • Right to coverage on partner’s insurance plan
  • Protection of home in the case of partner’s bankruptcy
  • Private conversations are protected in court
  • Right to access partner’s death certificate
  • Right to personal effects from deceased partner’s body

These are just a few of the rights that couples will get when the Oregon Domestic Partnership bill is enacted. The bill was supposed to take effect at the beginning of 2008 – but a small close-minded special interest group pushed for and received a delay in this actually occurring.

Today at 5:30 pm men and women, gay and straight, married and single, atheists and Christians, old and young; will gather in Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd and Madison) for the Rally to Defend Equality in Portland.

Even if you don’t think that this personally affects you – it’s important to stand up for what’s right.

Police ask for help spotting a suspect vehicle…

Looks like Portland has had another Bicycle vs. Car match this morning. The good news is there is no death involved, bad news is there were injuries and the vehicle fled. Please be on the lookout for the following vehicle description from

“The vehicle involved is a dark orange or bronze colored Toyota/Honda sedan with a cracked mirror and possible damage to the right side and it has no license plates. The drivers are reportedly both African-American males and they were last seen headed westbound on SE Stark.

If anyone saw this collision or has information on the whereabouts of the vehicle please call the Portland Police Bureau’s non-emergency line, (503) 823-3333.”

Let’s help Portland’s finest, Take a Bite Outta Crime.

Link to article

Red delicious, white trash

apple0001.gifI’m just a simple country boy. But after 20 years of urban living I’ve picked up a few things about gourmet food here and there. Sure I don’t always have the most refined tastes, I may enjoy a jar of Jif rather than some organic self-blended peanut butter, for example. And before married life, I did my share of bachelor cooking. Everyone’s tripped the light fantastic and spiced up some Kraft macaroni and cheese with hotdogs – but I actually created my own new bachelor taste sensation: chilighetti. That’s a can of only the best store-bought chili over some finely cooked spaghetti noodles. Mmm, mmm. Don’t you want beans in your pasta? That’s some fine cuisine back in Ohio. Ok, but with all that, I’m not a total ingrate – I can appreciate the finer things in life. I’ve expanded my palette over the years and enjoy quality foods when I can get them.

After (too many) years as a poor struggling musician, a recent increase in income in the last few years has caused me to stop shopping at my old stalwarts like Fred Meyer, Safeway and Food Valu. Instead I now spend way too much money at the New Seasons on Interstate. I enjoy the increased quality of the goods I buy, the organic and sustainable stuff – I’m down with that. But, good God, people – is it too much to ask for the “friendliest store in town” to carry some friggin’ Red Delicious apples?? What’s friendlier that a bright red shiny sweet delicious apple? It’s “America’s favorite apple”, after all!

Beer with Steve Novick

I have been chuckling most of the day after watching this great ad by Steve Novick. I think it was only released on the internet and it continues with his “politics as unusual” campaign. I love a politician who is willing to shake it up.

For full disclosure, I’m a supporter of Steve Novick. I worked with him on Kitzhaber’s first campaign about 14 yrs ago and realized then that he was a political superstar. You probably don’t know this, but I have lived with a disability all my life and I’m also the first to make light of it, even making fun of it, so I’m excited to see him attack the establishment the way he does and take the bull by the horns with regards to who he is physically. I love that. Way to go Steve!

Oh, right, beer…. So, if you would like to have a chat with Steve, head on down to Roots Brewing on Friday evening from 5:30-6:30pm. Roots is located on SE 7th just south of Hawthorne.

Gotta love Tinymeat


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

I have become a big fan of handmade items of late. I currently make most of the presents we give out during the holidays and plan on continuing on into the new year with endeavor or another. I also admire those who are creative and sell their wares. I even have a Lelo original apron for the kitchen….but that’s another story entirely.

Tinymeat is Mikey and Mona. I have known Mikey now for the better part of 10 years even though he has not lived in Portland for awhile. He and Mona recently returned and we have rekindled a great friendship with them. They have also brought the wonderful Tinymeat company to our fair town. Mikey and Mona make wallets, card cases and passport cases with unique designs and art. They have created a great network of artists around the nation to help with their designs. Honestly, I don’t even know how many designs they now have because it is ever changing. Pictured here is the Venison w/Apricots card case (and Phoebe.) I believe it is one of their original designs from back in the day. Just scrolling through their catalog makes me want to get more and switch it up depending on my mood. There are a few other vendors out there that make similar wallets and I have had another’s wallet in my pocket, but it didn’t stand up to the wear like Tinymeat’s does. Also, who else would have a following on Flickr with photos of people and their Tinymeat from all over.

I know this may sound like I’m shilling for Mikey and Mona. And honestly, maybe I am……..

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