Diggin’ the Dollar Tree


A goodly portion of my day is spent near the Lloyd Center. Sometimes, when I have the time, I’ll walk around the various streets to see whats what. One of the things I discovered is a fantastic Mom and Pop sandwich joint, which name sadly eludes me at the moment, but that’s not what I’m writing about.

No, I’m writing about the wonderful dollar tree. I was in need of some various sundries for my apartment, and thought I’d give the Dollar Tree a try, instead of dropping real coin at the supermarket nearest my apartment (the woeful Hawthorne Safeway). For the day to day stuff, the Dollar Tree was actually pretty awesome (but a word to the gents out there – avoid the “shaving gel” – it smells funny and burns like a mofo). I stocked up on garbage bags, sandwich bags, various utensils and condiments.

My moderate pleasure turned to unbridled joy when I discovered the food section. I’m no stranger to the “food outlet” phenomenon. There was a Grocery Outlet near my house when I lived ‘couveside, but most of their stock was well past the expiration date. That wasn’t the case at the Dollar Tree. All kinds of wonderful stuff for a buck. Things like:

1. Jars of Olives – I pretty much put olives in everything. Addicted to ’em, I am. So it was awesome to see those little glass jars with olives (either pitted or stuffed) for a buck apiece.

2. Muffin Top Cereal – I did not know such an animal existed. The cereal doesn’t much taste like muffin tops, but it is tasty – tasty and a dollar.

3. Maple Leaf-shaped Maple Creme cookies – I became addicted to these at a “Canada Day” party thrown by a Canadian friend of mine. Apparently, he had to special order them for the party. Had he only known about the dollar tree – he could have picked up these Canadian-made bad boys for a buck (not to be confused with a loony – or a toony, for that matter).

4. Any other kind of snack food your cheap heart desires – nuts, chips, pretzels, candy, you name it, they’ve got it.

If you’ve got some time, and a buck or two to spare, there is a small shite-ton of stuff there for your perusal, right there at 1421 NE Halsey.

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  1. Random Citizen (unregistered) on February 10th, 2008 @ 8:08 pm

    I used to live very close to that Dollar Tree. It’s very handy for getting cheap props for parties (leis, balloons, etc.) and also the cheap toys came in handy when I wanted to stage some photographs for a class.

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