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A Pre-Bruce Evening at Kelly’s Olympian

I’m not going to blog too much about the awesome time I had at the Springsteen show, as the experience has already been sufficiently described here and not-so-sufficiently here (Clarence Clemmons a “waste of space”?!? Whatever, guy). I would, however, like the echo the first Merc review in stating that there were a LOT of seriously inebriated 50-somethings. At times (mostly before the show and on the MAX afterwards) it felt like the uncomfortable last moments of some accounting firm’s Christmas party. Anyway, to the soon-to-be-blue-hairs at the show – maybe y’all should get out a little more often. A lot of you were acting like a 15 year old kid after his first beer. But I’m glad you had a good time…

What I’m going to write about is the awesomeness of being at Kelly’s Olympian with a few of your closest friends in the jittery pre-Springsteen hours. I haven’t been to Kelly’s during peak hours in some time, but have spent a couple of late afternoons there in the past year, and it’s always been a great experience. The beer selection is more than adequate, the food is cheap and tasty (try the heart-stopping-but-oh-so-good “Mac n’ Cheese bites” – battered and deep fried clumps of mac and cheese), and a good selection of music is played. There was no table service when we were there, but that’s fine with me, I’m usually more comfortable going up to the bar to order, anyway.

I was surprised to read that Kelly’s had taken some shots from the readers of Bar Fly Magazine, because its always been perfectly adequate for me. To each his own, I suppose.

Hilary Clinton hates Oregon

Seriously, I think she doesn’t like us.  She’s fighting for her political life this spring trying to sway voters to chose her over Barack Obama and yet she’s ignoring Oregon.  Well, ignoring may be a strong word.  She did send her lapdog…I mean husband.  Former president Bill Clinton is in Portland today to pitch his wife’s campaign.  I understand he’ll meet supporters at a couple of events – OHSU included.  I guess I’m wondering who this country is really electing?  Is Bill actually in the race and we’ve just not been told?  I chuckle that Barack Obama garnered thousands of supporters when he visited and Hilary has yet to show her face in the state.

Hilary, if you indeed plan a visit, you should do it soon.  I understand you are busy trying to win other states, but don’t forget about us out here on the left coast.  We’re people too….and we vote.

Last day to register to vote in Oregon is April 30.  Remember, in order to vote in the primary, you must declare whether you are Democrat or Republican.  Socialists, Communists, Greeners and Libertarians aren’t allowed to vote in Oregon’s primaries.

I Love My Jeans (and that I can wear them anywhere in Portland!)

It’s Monday morning, I’ve already been at work for an hour, tomorrow is April and the thermostat says 33 degrees… but I don’t care because I love being in Portland.

I am a casual person – I like dressing up occasionally, but I’m a jeans girl at heart. I have to dress up for work everyday – so on weekends – I like to be comfy. We had tickets to the symphony on Saturday night, so I put on cute jeans, a cute top and cute shoes. It looked nice – but definitely casual. Standing in the lobby before the concert I saw a couple in tuxes, others in jeans, a young couple that looked dressed for prom and I’m pretty sure the fur coat on the woman sitting in front of us was real. And no one cares. Sure – there are a few clubs in town that try to be all “L.A.” and implement dress codes – but they’re ridiculous places anyhow.

I LOVE the fact that in Portland I can go and enjoy the symphony, or any other place in town, and do it the way that I feel appropriate – not the way dictated by someone’s random dress code. And that no one even thinks twice about it!

Restaurant scene flatlining? No one told…

…the hordes out dining this weekend.

I had a kid-free weekend, and a desire to *not* expend effort cooking for a change – I’d been slaving in the kitchen (or pulling out the soup or sauces I’d frozen back in November) and brownbagging it at work for lunch these last few weeks in an attempt to save some money to fill my hungry gas tank instead.

See, while I’m really watching what I spend on dining out these days (and I’m not the only one, as evidenced by this WW cover story and this comment thread at Portland Food and Drink), I decided to live a little.

First, I stopped by Dove Vivi on Friday night to take myself out for dinner – but they were so jammed that I ended up taking my slices to go. Then, I had plans later on to meet a friend over a quiet glass of wine at La Bodega – but it was so crowded at first that we had speak up to be heard.

Next jammed place? Screen Door on Saturday night – every table was packed, they had a line out the door, and were doing a brisk carry-out business as well (the lady who’d called in her order for peanut butter pie promptly at 5 pm when they opened in order to make sure she got some before they ran out managed to convince me I needed to get a piece to go as well, heh.)

The bartender took great care of me despite the frenzy, commenting that they’re doing well ’cause they really want to be a good neighborhood restaurant & have options at every price point. (I think it’s also due to the fact that every time I’ve been here, I’ve gotten great friendly service that’s personal and warm without being cloying or affected – it’s now one of my fave spots.)

Finally, I ended my weekend restaurant tour at Milo’s for breakfast this morning, where I grabbed my usual counter spot after a short wait and nabbed a plate of green eggs and ham with plenty of coffee while the usual crowds shuffled in and out.

So that’s four restaurants in three days – all doing a brisk business. What did they all have in common? Good food (or beverages, in La Bodega’s case.) Reasonable prices (I probably spent a grand total of 70 bucks – including generous tips – by the time I was done.) And service that’s a cut above what you’ll find elsewhere around PDX.

Is it any wonder that people will still spend their hard-earned money at places like these when it’s time for a bit of a splurge?

The Submarines are awesome

Wow, I now am a lover of The Submarines. Having just been introduced to them earlier this week by the promotion we ran for free tickets, I am now going to try and see them every time I can. They have a great sound which makes me want to dance and bounce around. Yes, people, I dance. We ventured to Dante’s last night to see The Submarines as guests of their record company. Thank you Nettwerk Music Group. They came on early and played a great set. I felt at times I was listening to Kate Bush, but modern. And honestly, who could resist a Pipi Longstocking looking girl with blonde pigtails and high black boots? Yum.

They stated they just finished their second album and will be back soon at the Doug Fir. If you missed them at Dante’s, you can still see them in the future here in Portland.

the sumbarines

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Bruce is in town!

Bruce is in town!

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Seen: many a hundred people already waiting in line for Bruce Springsteen tomight at the Rose Garden, Luckily it is not snowing.

PIX on Hawthorne closing tonight – Free Dessert!

PIX Patisserie is closing their Hawthorne location today and are throwing a party.  If you have never indulged in any of PIX’s creations, this might be the time to try them on the cheap:

THE LAST HURRAH…PIX HAWTHORNE CLOSING PARTY TONIGHT! Yes, that’s right. On March 29th Pix on Hawthorne will be closing itsdoors. Being Pix Patisserie we have to go out with a party! Tonight starting at 7PM we will have super duper specials on Victrola coffee, beer and wine, and pix desserts accompanied by DJ Erick Beats. Stop by to bid farewell and enjoy a glass of bubbly at a nice price. All prices subject to availability
7-9PM:    $1 off Beer, Wine, and Coffee
9-12AM:   $2 Beers, $5 Wine (including bubbly!), $1 Coffee, $1 Off Ind.
Desserts, 50Cents Off Petit Fours, 50% Nostalgic Candy
12AM-1PM:    50% Off EVERYTHING
1AM-2AM:    FREE desserts! (If there are any left!)

Pix Hawthorne
3731 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Still Snowing…

Umm… so it hasn’t snowed in Portland all winter (I know loads and loads up in the hills and some of the ‘burbs, but not in the inner city) and now it’s been going strong for more than two hours straight… at the end of March. It made gazing out the window during my Friday morning staff meeting much prettier than usual.

I love it!

Oden Plays Pick-Up, McMillan Goes WTF?

How badly does Greg Oden want to get back on the court you might ask? Bad enough he was engaging in some pick-up basketball games at the Tualatin 24-Hour Fitness location earlier this week.

Jason Quick reports for The Oregonian that Oden more or less strolled onto the basketball court at the 24 Hour Fitness location and played whoever was around in two pick-up games. One of those he played later went on to recount his good times on a basketball Internet forum and, of course, word got back to the Blazers and the coach.

Not surprisingly, they weren’t happy.  McMillan called up Oden and told him in so many words to chill, that your time will come. I personally say, why not? It was a fun one time thing for him to do and it sure gave people at that 24 Hour Fitness a nice bonus event. Now, don’t do that again Oden :)

Stickers in and around PDX

I enjoy wandering around and seeing some of the stickers people put out into the public realm.  I hate when I see the same sticker everywhere – I’m talkin’ to you HMS security! Well, some of the best stickers show up in the men’s room.

03 24 2008

Not sure what happens in the women’s restroom, but I assume it isn’t as cool.  Seen @ Green Dragon in SE.

Another sticker from Portlandville was found in north Portland.  I snapped this photo because I found the content interesting.  What is more interesting is that in the 48 hrs since my photo has been on Flickr, one of my Flickr friends posted a photo of their sticker find from an alternate location.  Someone’s been busy.

03 25 2008

In the end, eat more pie.

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