Li Ning takes on the Swoosh

Watching AZN the other day I saw part of a news special about preparations for the upcoming Beijing Olympics – and a story that caught my eye about a Chinese athletic shoemaker – Li Ning – who recently opened their first international office….in the Pearl.

This article from just a few months ago in the Oregonian talks about them as if they were a very small company struggling to go big… but from the information in the piece I saw – they are being pretty darn smart about their international marketing efforts – and have a number of athletes competing in the Olympics who will be sporting their logo – including the recently traded Shaq. And then the bold move of moving into Nike and Adidas’ (amusingly pronounced Ah-de-das on the program) backyard here in Portland… pretty smart.

Even if it’s not a homegrown company – it’s pretty cool to have another upstart that could turn into something big here in Portland. Of course it also makes me think how much the US is going get our asses kicked by Asian companies in more than just science and technology…

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  1. dieselboi on March 6th, 2008 @ 12:42 pm

    Add to that Keen which recently moved here. Granted, a different philosophy and market, but every day some blowhard is ranting about Oregon’s business climate and then we have this.

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