Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Adaptation

We went to the Hollywood Theater to see Raiders last evening and had a ball. The event was sold out all weekend – 3 shows – and raised over $9200 for the Austin Miller Scholarship fund. Well done Portland! The filmmakers – Eric Zala and Chris Strompolis – were also in attendance, introduced the film, and answered questions after wards.

My favorite part of the movie was the truck scene. You may remember the famous scene where Indy is thrown through the windshield and is hanging off the front of the truck only to slide under the truck and on the ground to get back into the truck. Well, the boys (all between 15-16) recreated that scene. And they did it well with stunts. It was crazy to see a moving truck with Indy and the Nazis fighting and doing stunts, all on their own without much supervision or guidance from professionals. They even recreated the scene where the German soldier flies into the water.  After the movie, they discussed that scene saying they salvaged the truck from the swamp, removed the engine, and rigged a braking system. Yet all the stunts were done by them.  Remember, this started in 1981 when the kids were 12.

What an amazing accomplishment by these young guys 20 some odd years ago. And to have their VHS tape end up on Steven Spielberg’s desk in 2003 is just dumb luck. They even state that when they were contacted out of the blue by Hollywood, they thought it was a joke.

Thank you Mike from Bridge City Comics and Matt of Salty’s Dog Shoppe for organizing this event for Portland. It turned out to be an amazing time.

04 19 2008

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  1. toffer on April 20th, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

    This really was a great event. Eric and Chris told some great stories during the Q&A that followed the movie.

    I wrote up some of their answers here:

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