Portland is a top-walker, but you still can’t take your beer with you…

I’m back! From a hopefully short-lived extremely busy time at both work and home and everywhere in between. And yes, I have some new exciting information for you. This will likely not be a surprise to most anyone, but Portland has come in as number 10 on Walk Score’s top 10 most walkable cities, with the Pearl, Old Town/Chinatown, and Downtown all being our most walkable neighborhoods. Looking through the other cities, all of the “most walkable neighborhoods” are in downtown areas, which seems to be a “well, duh,” statement to me, since, well… duh. Of course the more urban areas tend to be more “walkable” with the increase in amenities in a small area. Anyhow, iff you haven’t checked out your neighborhood’s Walk Score, fill in your address and compare against your friends’ neighborhoods. My own Center comes in with a score of 80 (with my more immediate area coming in with a 71/100 – very walkable, though for some reason the map does not see some amenities near my place, like the QFC on Burnside, but denotes some businesses incorrectly, like Commercial Refrigeration on Glisan as a restaurant). And in fact, I do tend to walk to a number of places in my ‘hood often. This is a fantastic tool for checking out other possible neighborhoods for relocation (also points out how many bars there are, whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you).

Speaking of bars, the boyfriend and I will be hitting up the Brewers’ Fest tomorrow at opening time. As these type of things tend to grow exponentially each year, I’m excited about trying all of the tasty wares, but I’m not too excited about the possible hours of waiting in line. If things look too bad, we may just head to Belmont Station to attend the tapping there of some kegs not featured at the OBF. Have I mentioned that I’ve been here now a year? My Portlandversary was on 7/15, and I can’t think of another place (within reason) I would rather be. ^_^

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  1. Gary Wiens (garyrw) on July 25th, 2008 @ 5:41 pm

    San Jose came in at #17. I looked at the Neighborhood list and knew that this was computer algorithms and not someone who actually knew the city. Places I would not walk for safety reasons were towards the top of the list and the more friendly areas were lower on the list. They do mention that they do not take into account safety from crime and crashes and a few other criteria. So, why bother? Yet, they have a section where Real Estate agents can include the walkability of properties on their websites. Yikes!

  2. dieselboi on July 27th, 2008 @ 9:15 am

    Wait, Gary, of the neighborhoods at the top of the list you actually feel unsafe walking in them? Wow, I don’t feel unsafe pretty much anywhere other than the Old Town club district @ 2am. I’m not afraid of the patrons, I’m afraid of the jumpy cops.

    Oh, and regarding taking your beer with you. Two word: Water Bottle.

  3. Gary Wiens (garyrw) on July 27th, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

    dieselboi, I am talking about San Jose neighborhoods. Also, there are some listed that are safe to walk in but no one would really want to as they have poor paths.

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