The newbie post

So it’s been about 2 months since I moved here. Things are starting to settle down and I’m getting to know my new city a bit better. I’m still learning streets and sections and all that, but I can get by.

In learning a new city, there’s a lot involved! First you have to remember which landmarks stand for north, south, east and west. Ok I’m pretty good with that and it’s sort of a no-brainer (kinda like the Asahi building in LA is North if you’re going towards Hollywood on La Brea). Then there’s the figuring out what’s where and what you like and how to get to it. Friends would be hard if I didn’t a) already have a few here and b) make friends easily. In that I feel that I have an unfair advantage. I think for most people that would be that hard part.

The hardest parts, however, have been finding a job and finding a place to live! MAN! Seriously…

So I’ve been pretty absent from here due to the looking for a job and looking for a place. Once the job aspect was settled, the main priority was looking for a place to call home. For as bad as the job market is, it felt like the rental market (is there really such a thing?) was just as bad. The boyo and I were joking in that we felt like we had to be on starter blocks to get ready to GO! as soon as anything was listed. Advice I heard from friends was that you have to a) apply, apply, apply! and b) bug landlords/ management properties. Somehow, something worked, and I’m still not sure what! I wish I had advice I could pass on to other newbies to the city… but aside from saying that I did just apply to all sorts of places and kept looking at places no matter how frustrated I was… well something paid off!

Persistence, I guess.

I’m trying… and I guess… I guess my message here is that… well, if you feel as stuck as I felt. Just keep plugging away and you’ll get what it is that you’re looking for eventually. Maybe there was something more I could have done, but I was not privy to that information. However, if I hear anything, I’ll pass it on.

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  1. chromeburn on August 20th, 2008 @ 9:04 am

    Rain came back… how you like it now?!

  2. daaaaave on August 20th, 2008 @ 11:40 am

    When I moved back to Portland in 2006, I checked craigslist diligently every 4 hours to catch updates and make sure I contacted vacancies first. Checking daily wasn’t nearly good enough, and that was before the housing market went soft and everyone decided it might be a better idea to rent for a while. I hear apartment vacancies across town are at their lowest level pretty much ever.

  3. nathan on August 26th, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

    Looks like we switched places, LA is home to me now, Hollywood Hills to be specific. I hope you love your new home as much as I do mine. I can attest that in learning a new city, yes… very much is involved. Simply challenging only sugar coats it. But when you do get settled and are doing what you want to doing, it is glorious!

    If you are still looking for a place to live, I found that when I lived in NW Portland as I strolled about I would see many a "for rent" sign in the windows of some pretty terrific old buildings. Some good streets, Flanders, Glisan, Northrup, and between 17th and 23rd. But when you are in the area you’ll see other stretches you may find attractive.

    My two cents.

    Best of luck!

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