Memories from the 90s

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I just arrived here for a short conference at my old school- Reed- and thought I’d write my 90s-to-00s observations.

– There’s nothing quite like seeing a new public system transit at work- that aerial tram (does anyone call it a gondolier?) is intense!
– Driving in Portland seems more of an inside game than I remember, with signs leaping up at you at the last moment and only printed one direction.
– Cold Stone Creamery on Hawthorne Street! That’s like the Gap on Haight street. Wow.
– I know it’s cliche, I know I expected it, but I still couldn’t stop myself from drooling at the houses my friends have managed to buy and live in on their salaries. me: shoebox, them: adorable bungalows.
– Lots of neat bars and restaurants that I wish, wish, wish were around when I lived here, not that a college kid had any cash to spend on things, but I would have found a way. I have a special place for old-school Bistro Montage which a friend said is all played out.

Having said that, some nice landmarks that are still there-
Mortuary place on Hawthorne, just a landmark to me, I didn’t realize it until I drove past
Tuan Thao (sp?), which we loved to get spicy thai noodles
The Baghdad, such a brilliant beer & movie combo
The Space Room, just reminds me of underage drinking fun

It’s not the same when it’s not raining, and I’m not on a bike, and I’m not dreading homework.

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  1. divebarwife on September 28th, 2008 @ 7:51 pm

    all old Space Room patrons eventually end up at the Spare Room….

    Hope you’re having a great weekend in Portland – thanks for sharing with us!

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