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Storm Large: What’s PDX saying?

I’m watching Storm. Dieselboi’s watching Storm. And as it turns out, a long list of other local bloggers and media types are on this story as well. I’ve got a quick and dirty digest:

First, WWeek announced an hour or so ago that Supernova’s coming to PDX – tickets go on sale next Wednesday the 30th at the Rose Quarter; they’ll be appearing at Memorial Coliseum on February 16th of next year.

Byron Beck’s got an interview with Storm in The Storm Report: Rock you like a hurricane. My favorite Storm quote?

The biggest emphasis I’ve gotten out of this whole thing is to be yourself. I’ve just got to put my foot down and say, ‘I’m wearing my Chucks, my jeans, and a tight wife-beater.’ And, goodnight Francine, that’s what I’m doing.

Byron also has a follow up after last night’s performance in The Storm Report: “Crazy” Like A Fox

But, wait! There’s news, spoilers, and more after the jump…

Storm Large ain’t Cryin’

As most everyone agrees, last week on Rockstar was a setup. Storm is so strong, she’s been coasting the previous episodes, so the producers decided to mix it up and challenge her. They then panned her performance and she fell into the bottom three. This week, according to The O, Storm was going to fight for the song she wants, yet last night, she admittedly “settled” for Cryin’, the Aerosmith power ballad. She did a great job with yet another challenging song, putting her own spin on it. I never liked that song, but last night, I found myself singing along.

One thing I noticed was I feel the band has been told by the producers that even though a specific performer is great, all three of them can’t praise them. Last night, it was Gilby’s turn to find something wrong, but not address the wrong directly to Storm, but to the entire group. That way, it comes accross as a critique, but they can backpedal later and say it was for the group as a whole. Also, I just love how Storm talks straight to the guys. Dave N. “Hey, I want my corset back.” Storm, “Come get it bitch!” I love it!

One thing I thought was so ass was after Magni perfomed and Dave stated, “I want to see something get broken up there,” Ryan got up there and toward the end of his song, gently tossed his guitar onto carpet, making it look like he was “breaking” it. What a tool!

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