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Buy that kid a drink!

This is spectacular. And not because I’m trying to encourage underage drinking – I was a very wholesome child actually. I only had one or two drinks ever before starting college. But it’s awesome because it’s so simple – yet big enough to end up on The Smoking Gun.

More than half the kids at that school probably have the computer skills to replicate the school’s stationary and make the letter seem official. When I was in school we had a printed directory with every students name and address – I’m guessing now it’s online somewhere where creating a list to do a simple mail merge is also a piece of cake.

But wow – I bet the administrators and parents are in an uproar. Now, I do think that the legal drinking age should be 18 – i’s ridiculous that they can go to war and die, vote, get married, have babies… but not have a beer. So I think that makes the uproar even more hysterical.

And really, did it cause any harm? No. It was a senior prank – and a good one.
If I knew who did it, I’d buy ’em a beer… after they turn 21 of course.

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