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Sour Beers – Who Knew!?

So the International Brewfest this past weekend was again a great success. I have a feeling they may soon outgrow that location if the popularity continues to increase the way it seems to.

I discovered a new favorite style of beer though – something I’d seen in bottles at John’s Market or Belmont Station, but had never tried. Sour beers. They are fantastic! Not at all hoppy, quite dry, and yes – a bit sour or tart. There were several on tap at the PIB including my two favorites – Cuvee du Jongleur from Cascade Brewing – part of Raccoon Lodge, and surprisingly, La Folie from the usually passable but not extraordinary, New Belgium.

There was an ad in the program guide about a ‘Pucker Fest’ at Belmont Station – and I see that there are several sours on tap in their Biercafe currently. I know Portland is the land over uber-hoppy beers, but if you haven’t given sour beers a try before – I highly recommend going and trying them out.

I’d actually also really recommend them to anyone who is a wine drinker trying to work their way into beer. I’m no expert at either – but like cider or lambics – sours seem to be a bridge between the two.

Oh… and apparently gnomes like beer too!
Gnomes Like Beer

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