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Our crazy skies

Most of us should be used to the overcast-ness and rain-ocity of the great northwest, but holy smokes! The storm last night was fantastic! And forgive me for speaking of weather, because I know that it’s the most boring thing ever, but I really truly thought that thunderstorms didn’t exist here. Earlier this week, I saw one meager lightning strike just east of Mt. Tabor when I was walking home from the store, and that was the first one I had seen since moving here nearly a year ago. I’m a huge fan of lightning and thunder and good downpour, so when I woke up last night to something that sounded like aforementioned Tabor blowing its top off, I got excited. The lightning flashed and I counted until the rumble-crash of the thunder would sneak past my apartment. My cat was freaking out, and I was too tired to stay up for the early fireworks, so I eventually fell asleep. I would love to see storms like that more often here, but I guess when they’re so rare, it makes them an extra-special treat. At least it cleared a little more smoke and haze from the air. Speaking of, keep your eyes on the air quality, outdoorsy people – we’re getting a lot of junk up from the California fires and some of our own right now, so don’t strain the lungs too much out there.

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