Extreme Food Makeover

I have a problem with eggplant. I can’t stand the stuff. It’s not the eggplants fault it’s my mothers. She’d make some kind of eggplant casserole dish once a week when I was a kid. I always hated it, but I was forced to eat it anyway. Now If I recognize it any in food I get a little sick to my stomach.

Those eggplants are sneaky too. They look lovely and inviting, smooth and all purpley on the outside, but if you cut that baby in half it looks like the bottom of an old converse high top that someone put too close to the campfire and it has about the same texture.

Sadly, being vegetarian, people often think you must love eggplant. I’ve had it grilled, deep fried, battered, buttered, boiled, raw, roasted and stuffed. I hated ever dish.

Then along came the baba ghanouje at Hoda’s. How did they make such an ugly food seem like a little piece of Heaven? Now I can no longer claim to hate eggplant. Damn that sneaky plant.

If you’re looking for some great baba ghanouje try Hoda’s on Belmont. Wonderful service, hot fresh from the oven pita bread, and the mezza for one always leaves me with something to take home and I can eat a lot.

Find Hoda’s at,
3401 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97214

Hoda’s website

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  1. plm (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 5:59 pm

    I couldn’t stand eggplant until I tried Japanese eggplant. They are smaller and taste different than the “big” eggplants.

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