Free Garbage!

OK. I have seen a lot of “free” junk sitting on curbs, but this takes the cake. None of this wood is usable for even the smallest of projects and you can’t burn it because it all has paint or varnish. Can you say toxic fumes?

Then again, it is amazing the amount of “free” junk that disappears from curbs. I myself once took a “free” rocking chair that was sitting on the curb. It was in pretty good shape and didn’t smell like piss, so I took it. When I got it home I discovered you couldn’t lean back in the chair at all without falling over. I guess that was why it was on the curb. Now it’s the cat’s chair. It’s also good for a laugh when a new guest comes to the house.

I know one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but this? For God’s sake just make a run to the dump.

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