Get Your Tickets

Because I’m lucky enough to be the world’s least famous celebrity, I don’t often have a regular schedule, or the commute that goes with it. This week however, I found myself driving along the same stretch of Greely Ave. twice a day. Specifically, the part of Greely Ave. just past the Adidas building where the speed limit goes from 35 to 45 for about half a mile before the road splits and you can either get on I-5 or Interstate Ave.

Seven out of the ten times I drove that part of Greely Ave. this week I saw a motorcycle cop. Two out of the seven times I saw the motorcycle cop, she was giving someone a ticket. I assume she was writing those people speeding tickets. I assume they were speeding tickets because for some reason people feel the need to dive that small stretch of road at a pace well beyond the posted speed limit.

If that area is part of your commute and you’re one of those speed demons you better watch your back. Bad news for you, good news for old farts like me that try to keep it within the speed limit.

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