What’s in a name?

According to KOIN, Tom Potter will be ceremoniously changing the name of Portland to “Beertown” this afternoon, in recognition of our fair city’s reputation as being ‘beervana’, but also in a blatant plug for Bridgeport’s Beertown Brown Ale.

So, what do *I* have to do in order to get the city renamed? What noble deed or adult beverage could I flog in order to create the requisite clout? I need to come up with something, because living in ‘PAgentland’, even for one day, is just too awesome to pass up.

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  1. Lady (unregistered) on January 12th, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

    If the post is true, hmmmm… Yes, Portland makes good beer. And the area produces exceptional wine. And the city has world class restaurants. Indie rock, classic jazz, and symphonies abound here. Artists show incredible talent at galleries. Our theater provides wonderful plays and musicals. And then there is just being part of the this lovely little city. If truly the Mayor is stuck on “beer town” it reflects a limited understanding of Portland residents by this ex-cop.

  2. atlas (unregistered) on January 13th, 2007 @ 12:15 am

    well said lady… I tend to think the Mayor has more than a “limited understanding” of much more than just Portland residents… I’d like to note that this comes from not only his public display of behavior but also, direct communication with him and his office.

    IMO he is by far the worst possible follower of Katz we could have had, similar to Bush following Clinton in our national situation, again IMO. Pathetic… I can’t wait to fill in the circle that does not sit by his name

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