Blazers Season in Review

The Blazers are officially done for the year, having lost last night to Golden State. It was a great season for the team, where they increased their win total by 11 victories, discovered some new stars, got on the same page, and reconnected powerfully with local fans. I was getting ready to write up a season review, but I noticed while scoping out my bloglines today that Dave over at BlazersEdge already wrote one that’s very likely better than anything I’d be able to put together for you. I encourage you to read the whole thing, but here’s a paragraph that really stood out to me:

In 2005-06 the Blazers didn’t win against anybody, anywhere unless the other team just mailed in the game. In 2006-07 we not only got more wins, we got more wins against really good opponents. This season saw victories over the Lakers (twice), Nets (twice), Pistons, Raptors, Rockets (twice), Clippers, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Wizards (twice), Jazz (twice), and Warriors…all playoff teams (or darn close in the case of the Clippers). These teams weren’t laying down either. We played with heart, hustle, and occasionally smarts and just came out and beat some people. Obviously we still lost more than we won overall and that also held true against good teams, but we did prove this year that you couldn’t just take us lightly and expect to walk out with a guaranteed “W”. We at least made you prepare and sweat a little. For a team that could be steamrolled by a reasonably-sized Tonka truck last year, that’s an accomplishment.

I think that paragraph nicely sums up something that we’ve all discovered this year — that, although frustrating at times (mostly due to youth), this team is far improved from those of the recent past and is packed with potential one or two years down the road.

I joked to someone the other day that the Blazers would be league champs in five years. After chewing on that a bit, I don’t know how firmly I believe it, but I do know that within the next three seasons or so we’ll be making some pretty deep playoff runs, and that’s certainly something to crow about.

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  1. atlas (unregistered) on April 19th, 2007 @ 9:36 am

    What’s interesting is Roy is already establishing leadership qualities by nature of who he is… as are some of the other players.

    Z-BO is still trying to step up as a leader… as stated in the press it is an ongoing process for him. While Z-BO has had an impressive season number wise, I still would prefer we trade him.

    I think this team could be a fierce contender without Z-BO, that said if we keep him another season the team still moves forward… the key is we are not dependant on him, something I never thought we could be to win games, instead we are dependant on Aldrige, Roy, Udoka, Jack, Sergio, et al

    Go Blazers!

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