Say What You Will About Randy Leonard…

He definitely has a sense of humor. Unless he was serious…

In a letter directed to Mayor Shane Bemis of Gresham, Leonard accepted an invitation to attend Gresham’s Teddy Bear Parade.

And, in the process, he took the chance to work in some cracks about Gresham-Portland tensions, Tape-Gate, and his own lack of humor.

From the City’s website:

June 13, 2007

Mayor Shane Bemis
City of Gresham
1333 NW Eastman Parkway
Gresham, OR 97030

Dear Mayor Bemis,

I appreciate your letter inviting me to the Teddy Bear Parade on September 29. I heartily accept your invitation because, as you know, Gresham is very nearly the best city in Oregon. That is why I am planning to annex you next spring using duct tape which I will have affixed around your boundary. Apparently the duct tape will help us avoid a lot of the nasty legal mumbo jumbo, and just get to the business of acquiring you.

In the meantime, I am hopeful that you are serious about allowing me to ride in the parade aboard one of your Gresham Fire apparatus, as I feel I may need the protection of my firefighter brothers and sisters to escape the parade without injury.

Finally, I wanted to address my comments, which were perceived by you and your citizens to be “grumpy.” For the record, that was me attempting humor, which I should not do because although I laugh a lot, I am not funny. Your letter on the other hand was very humorous. I am hopeful that we can have lunch soon, and perhaps you would consider giving a neighboring commissioner (for now) a few lessons.

Randy Leonard
Commissioner, City of Portland

His letter was in response to this slightly-less-funny but just-as-friendly case from Bemis (whom I’ve met, and can attest that he’s a genuinely likeable guy).

Anyway, I’m sure all cities have officials who’ll engage in these sorts of friendly interactions. I have to say, I appreciate the fact that Portland makes them available for all to see…

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