Jaynes on Glickman: Welcome Back to the Fold

Good piece from Dwight Jaynes, who I often love to hate, in today’s Trib, discussing Greg Oden and the team’s recent moves towards a better tomorrow. Something interesting towards the bottom.

But the important thing, too, is that as the franchise moves forward it’s now mindful of its past. If there was ever a team that needed to reconnect with its history, it’s this one.

And one big step was taken in that direction Wednesday. Almost unnoticed, there was a homecoming. Former Blazer President Harry Glickman was on hand for the workout, seated courtside.

This is a man who had been on the outside of the organization in recent seasons, a shame given his role in bringing the team to Portland as an expansion franchise and the number of friends he cultivated for the club.

But he was back, at Pritchard’s request. And in fact, when Oden arrived on the floor, Pritchard grabbed Glickman and introduced him to the player — giving Glickman the kind of respect long overdue from the Blazers.

I know that to some people, that probably doesn’t mean much. But to a generation of Blazer fans, the ones who were with the team from its inception, Glickman’s presence — even as a guest for a few hours — is a major event.

Glickman stands for a lot of good things in Portland. He brought the NBA to town, but he means much more than just basketball.

He is a man of character and integrity who always prided himself on his team’s role in the community. He’s one of those old-fashioned businessmen whose word is his bond. He made the team his family and loved it accordingly.

For years, Glickman was the local face of a franchise that was respected for its contributions to life in Portland, on and off the basketball court. And Glickman’s presence around the franchise at this point certainly means that those qualities of his are highly valued once again.

Isn’t that just one more reason — along with that No. 1 draft pick — to look forward to next season?

I love the Blazers of the past, but I’m just young enough that I was completely oblivious to anything off-court that was happening pre-Whitsitt. Only when he arrived did I start to realize how The Office was every bit as important, and sometimes more important, to a team’s success as The Court.

So, for anyone who remembers the Glickman days of the Blazers, I’d love your thoughts on his re-inclusion. And, really, how much classier does Kevin Pritchard seem every single day?

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  1. Daaaaave (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2007 @ 11:52 am

    Ever notice that Jaynes, bad rug or not, morbidly obese or revoltingly emaciated, always looks like he has Downs?

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