TriMet’s Transit Police expand to the East and West

As TriMet continues to address the safety concerns raised by the City of Gresham, the agency is now working with the City to establish an Eastside precinct. The precinct will be staffed by TriMet Transit Police officers and will be responsible for patrolling public transit between the Gateway Transit Center and Cleveland Ave MAX stations. This is a one-year trial with six officers beginning on April 1 and working up to 10 officers by July 1.

Additionally, TriMet is establishing a Westside precinct where five officers will begin patrolling west of the Sunset Transit Center later this month.

For those of us in between, more fare inspectors are coming and TriMet is repairing the broken ticket vending machines across the system.

Will this work? Are more Transit Police needed between the Eastside and Westside precincts?

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  1. nolando on March 5th, 2008 @ 3:47 pm

    It’s more than what they’ve had before, isn’t it? So, hopefully, it’ll help maybe deter some of the problems? Dunno but I don’t think this will hurt anything. Just be curious to see what sort of analysis they provide at the end of the year…

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