Going Postal for Hunger

So are you bummin’ over the thought of your sushi getting more expensive because of the rice shortage? Or maybe you’ve canceled a summer vacation – like we did – because the cost of flying/driving is just ridiculous? Sucks.

This recession we are in hits everyone differently – and I may whine about the price of airline tickets or fresh salmon, but I’m not worried about feeding myself or my family – and as we all know for a lot of Oregonians that’s a more than real problem. Tomorrow when they deliver your mail – your postal carrier will also be collecting canned goods and other non-perishables as part of the USPS’ Stamp Out Hunger program. We had a plastic bag delivered with our mail yesterday to place food in for our carrier to pick up, but even if you didn’t simply put out canned goods next to your mailbox prior to your mail delivery tomorrow and they will take them.

It’s so easy. If everyone put out even one can of beans or box of macaroni think how many people that would feed.

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  1. clevergirl on May 9th, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

    I highly recommend giving something substantial, like rice, legumes or other dry goods that can actually be stretched across multiple meals.
    (The rice shortage mostly has to do with imported rice. I’m still able to get my 50# bags of good ol’ Calrose Japanese-style short grain for less than $30, basmati and Indian/Thai rice varietals have gone up in price because of lack of goods in those countries, so they have placed caps on exports of said rice. All in all, sushi prices will certainly go up, but not from the rice prices. ^_^ (sorry to be such a know-it-all and abuse parentheses))

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