Steel Bridge Closed for 3 Months

Yikes! The Steel Bridge closes tomorrow and won’t open again until the end of August. They’re replacing or upgrading the MAX line that crosses the bridge – so that’s a good thing – but long closures are such a pain for traffic.

Of course they do have their good points as well – when the Burnside Bridge was closed – the traffic on Sandy Blvd. wasn’t nearly as heavy – and it doesn’t seem like it’s regained as much traffic as it had prior to Burnside being closed for so long.

But you know the first few weeks in that area near the Rose Garden are going to be a mess as people figure out their best new routes. If that’s your normal commute – good luck!

(Oh – and this is only for cars – the lower deck for bikes and peds will still be open.)

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  1. tonysimon on June 11th, 2008 @ 11:58 am

    Oh, you silly Portlanders and your silly, pretend traffic problems.


    Try two years.

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