Cops on Film

Earlier today we watched from our office windows as a parade of policeman clad in what appeared to be full SWAT gear assemble on the roof of the parking garage at 2nd & Jefferson. In the center of the roof is a helipad – that doesn’t appear to get much, if any, use any more. One by one they climbed the stairs and over the railing to the center of the helipad. A few even brought their canine cops with ’em.

It was pretty early in the morning, and none of us had enough coffee yet – so my office was fascinated with the procession. Then they all move to the center of the pad in a very orderly fashion and we see a guy with a camera and a ladder. It was photo shoot time! Maybe it was the lack of caffiene, but a bunch of cops lining up for a class picture just cracked us all up.

Do you think they smiled or did they have their serious faces on?
Do you take class pictures at your job?

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