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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Remember that the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is in Woodburn until the end of the month. Fun for friends, families, or just couples. Probably not as fun by your lonesome… but what is?

All orders of $40 or more will receive 10 free Iris Reticulata, from now through June 1st.

I recommend taking a look at your garden now, so you know what flowers you may want for next year. Remember, you plant most bulbs right before it tends to get really cold. Also, great deals to be found right now. Typically, when I buy my bulbs at the festival, I get free entry the next year.

Pictured to the left are tulips from my own garden! I bought them at the festival last year.

Spring Break Zoo Madness

Since all the kiddies were out of school on spring break, I thought, why not visit the zoo? Oregon Zoo’s Spring Break Party runs through April 2nd. The zoo schedule brings you lions, penguins, polar bears, ocelots and elephants.

Tips You Should Know:

  1. Parking is atrocious (and costs $2). Yes, you can park further away and use the shuttle, but the MAX is so convenient; just take the Washington Park exit and elevator up.
  2. The parking shuttle (if you use it) and the zoo are not stroller or wheelchair friendly.
  3. Another benefit of riding the MAX: you get a $1.50 off admission at the gate.
  4. Children aged two and under are admitted free of charge.
  5. On the second Tuesday of every month you can visit the zoo for the discounted price of $2 per person; better than the usual $10.50 per adult and $7.50 per youth, right?
  6. Portland Perks has a 20% off admission coupon.
  7. Kids love ZooKeys. They cost $2.50 and you can use the same one each time you visit. Listen to zoo facts in English or Spanish.
  8. And, as always: wear good walking shoes, dress in layers, and bring water and snacks.

Recent Zoo Photos:
Zoo Trip 2010 Zoo Trip 2010 Zoo Trip 2010
Zoo Trip 2010 Zoo Trip 2010 Zoo Trip 2010

Darius Goes West Benefit Screening – Don’t Miss it!

dairusgoeswestSome films just need to be seen, and Dairus Goes West is one of those films.

Local filmmaker and former WWeek film editor David Walker is presenting two screenings of this incredibly moving film.

Here are the complete details:

The critically acclaimed documentary Dairus Goes West returns to Portland for two very special screenings to benefit Muscular Dystrophy research.

Fifteen-year-old Darius Weems and eleven of his best friends set off across America with the ultimate goal of getting his wheelchair customized on MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Not only does Darius Weems bravely face his own inevitable fate with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), but through his unflinching humor and his extraordinary laugh, he sparks a revolution in the lives of everyone who crosses–and then shares–his courageous path. The result is a rarely seen testament to the explosive idealism of today’s youth, as well as a vivid portrayal of adventure, of brotherhood, and of the character and strength it takes to shed light on an uncertain future. Part revolution, part revelation, this film proves to people of all ages how life, even when imperfect, is always worth the ride.

Having taken top awards at over twenty film festivals in 2007 and 2008, the cast and crew of Darius Goes West is back on the road as they work to sell one million DVDs in one year. Each DVD costs $20, $17 of which goes to funding research to find a cure for DMD, the number one genetic killer of young people in the world.

Join Darius Weems, director Logan Smalley and the rest of the Darius Goes West crew for two special screenings, followed by Q&A sessions. DVDs will be available for sale after both screenings.

6:30 pm, Thursday, Feb. 19th

Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union, Multicultural Center, 2nd Floor, Room 228

Free admission, donations gladly accepted.

Sponsored by Disability Advocacy & Cultural Association (DACA)

Co-sponsored by Disability Resource Center (DRC)

1 pm, Saturday, Feb 21st

Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard; (503) 281-4215

$5 adults, $2 students w/ I.D. and children 12 and under

Here’s the trailer for the movie:


Snow (And what it means)

It’s on everyone’s mind right now: Snow has come to Portland.

Snow in the Colonial Heights neighborhood.

Snow in the Colonial Heights neighborhood.

The National Weather Service tells us there’s up to an inch of accumulation, and it’s only supposed to get colder. This means that tomorrow will likely bring frozen roads, and thus treacherous conditions. Here’s what you should know:

FlashAlert – Many Portland-area schools, businesses, and other organizations post inclement weather alerts to FlashAlert. This is where television news stations get their info on closures.
TriMet service alerts – Although all routes are still running, several bus and train routes are on alternate routes or alternate schedules. LIFT vehicles are no longer operating.
NOAA National Weather Service – Get the latest forecast and current conditions, and check for weather alerts and warnings.

Anything else everyone should know? leave a comment!

The Auteur Premieres Friday at Cinema 21

The Auteur at Cinema 21

The Auteur at Cinema 21

The Auteur, a new film by Portland filmmaker James Westby has its big Portland premiere this Friday at Cinema 21 (8:30pm).

The film is a mockumentary of Arturo Dominingo, an aging porn director trying to make sense of his life and career.  I saw the film in an early preview before it went of to the Tribecca Film Festival and it’s hilarious.

The Auteur stars Melik Malkasian (who won best actor at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival), John Breen (of the Liberators), Katherine Flynn, and Cara Seymour. It also features music from The Decemberists, The Shaky Hands, Viva Las Vegas, Ron Jeremy, Malice 666, Copy, Au, Laura Gibson, MarchForth Marching Band, Katie O’Grady, Ritah Parrish, Michael Fetters, Victor Morris, and many more!!

Friday’s premiere will be followed by a Q&A with director James Westby and an after party at Slabtown (sponsored by Amber Geiger and Porter Panther)

Rogue Ale Tasting at Belmont Station

I’m a huge fan of Belmont Station. Their tap line up is consistently the most enjoyable in Portland.

Tonight they’re doing a tasting of a huge variety of Rouge Beers.

Here are the details:

6-8PM ROGUE TASTING. Taste the brand new Yellow Snow IPA & 2008 Santa’s Private Reserve, plus Juniper Pale Ale, Independence Fresh Hop Ale, Chocolate Stout, Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Morimoto Soba Ale, Brutal Bitter, Dry Hopped St Rogue Red, Track Town 200 Meter IPA, Track Town Triple Jump Pale Ale, & XS Imperial IPA.
Rogue Independence Fresh Hop Ale on draught.

To me the Hazelnut Brown Nectar sounds like a little slice of heaven!

Belmont Station is at 4500 SE Stark, it’s both a beer store and a ‘Beircafe’.

Why Portland Absolutely Rocks


Thanks to @bfinklea for the link

Nader Protesters

Riding the bus home today, I was surprised to see a row of people waving Nader/Gonzalez signs right in front of the Obama and Merkley campaign office.

A group of Nader supporters in front of the Obama/Merkley campaign office

A group of Nader supporters in front of the Obama/Merkley campaign office

Many Nader supporters held signs criticizing Nader’s exclusion from the debates, saying “Open the debates,” and “Nader Debates, America Wins.”

One sign read \"Nader Debates, America Wins. Step Up, Barack\"

One sign read Nader Debates, America Wins. Step Up, Barack

The recent economic news was also a concern. One protester held a sign reading “$700 billion out of my cold, bare hands.”

Their chances aren’t good: polls by the American Research Group show Obama ahead in Oregon 52% to 41%. 6% were unsure, and the Nader supporters were included in “other”, with just 1%.

Shiny Toy Guns, Part the Deuce

Funny thing is, I was coming on here to post about the Shiny Toy Guns when I see Geoff’s post! Too little too late?
Eh, maybe…

Here’s the thing, unlike Mr. G, I was going to come here and confess about my guilty pleasure, Shiny Toy Guns.

You see… I’m that girl. I worked at a record store for all of college and a few years after to supplement my income. I was that girl who gave you that look when you couldn’t figure out what you were looking to buy… or when you bought that certain album. I still remember the day I first heard about the Spice Girls. *shudders* I was the girl who gave Fairuza Balk that look when she couldn’t find the Fugazi CDs *but don’t think I harbor any notions that she cared/paid attention*.

Ok, I can still sometimes be that girl…

SO! When I found myself seriously liking We Are Pilots (well… half of it) despite the videos, I had to come out of the closet to my best friend… who assured me it was all ok. … and who wondered why everyone keeps saying that?!

ANYWAY… I’ve heard from a few people that they are one of the hardest working bands around… When I kept seeing them in that LA Weekly, I just figured, well they’re an LA band! I mean… Incubus used to play all the time back when… and WAY before you could find Jane’s Addiction all over the place! … Ok so MAYBE that should have given me a clue *author’s aside: please don’t think I’m placing them in the same categories as the aforementioned bands… or most importantly Jane’s Addiction* I have to say that I had not had the pleasure (seriously! After all those chances in LA…) of seeing them live, and the old job sorter made it difficult for me on the off night that there was a possibility. Still, I’ve heard a good bit about the show they put on… and Geoff is one who apparently knows first hand.

So, yeah… for any closet fans, I’ll be there in the back with a martini… singing along under my breath.

Seriously, though, I’ve heard great things and I only hope that they can continue to surprise me and keep this …for now… well, I guess not anymore… “closet fan” for ever.


So for those of you who didn’t know… or didn’t remember, Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oddly enough, the boyo and I had learned at Guardian Games the night before where he learned how to play a large scale game of the Pirates Constructable Strategy Game that the Portland Pirate Festival was this weekend.

So we went to check it out today. I like to think of it as… the Ren Faire for pirates… with all sorts of pirate gear, pirate people, and yes… even pirate bands! If you’re going to go, take some cash! There are beautiful hand made things like clothing, pouches, and even leather tankards! Seriously, I could have spent a good amount of money. ANNDDD what’s a pirate festival without beer? The good people of Rogue Brewery were there providing good eats and great beer, as usual. If you stick around/ get there at the right time, you can even see a battle involving canons and a pirate ship.

Seriously, it’s at Cathedral Park, which is the perfect setting for this festival, and it’s on tomorrow from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are $15 at the gate and $8 for kids, with those 2 and under in for free. Yes, there’s a TON of stuff for kids to do and even a puppet show (which the boyo and I had to stop and watch).

So if you can, go! Take the kids, take yourself, just GO… and have a great time pretending to be a pirate. I DO warn you, though, there are a lot of neat things to buy there, so either be prepared to go and spend, or lock up your ATM card and go just to drool.

I’d go again but I’m trying NOT to buy a new coat, leather pouch and other odds and ends….

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