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15,000 EGGS! Seriously?

Happy Easter. Yep, it is another Christian holiday that has been co-opted for the greater good of Hallmark and corporate candy makers. How did the whole Easter bunny thing come to fruition anyways? And the eggs? A bunny doesn’t lay an egg. Grrr. Well, some church out in Cornelius feels that instead of celebrating Christian Easter by celebrating Jesus rising from the grave, they went the corporate way and are having a good old Easter egg hunt. With 15,000 eggs no less. I can’t believe this number. How many children in Cornelius are going to be out looking for eggs. Even conservatively at 1000 children, that is 150 eggs per kid. I feel that is a bit irresponsible in this day and age to have soooooo many eggs out there being hidden. I’m just so torn on the whole idea that the only way to get people in church is to lure them with an activity that has nothing to do with why the day is being celebrated. Then again, this is America.

Oh, and not to forget the Holiday House. I wasn’t expecting Easter decorations.



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